Artist Direct Interviewed V Squared


Artist Direct Interviewed Vittorio and Vincenzo of V Squared.:


Interview: V² (V Squared)

Interview: V² (V Squared) -

Middle school rockers are ready to shred up big stages, and they tell us all about their debut, ‘We Are V²’.

Los Angeles duo V² (VSquared.Rocks) play epic blues-infused rock ‘n’ roll evocative of AC/DC and Aerosmith—and they’re barely in middle school. Vittorio and Vincenzo can hold their own with the best of them (and musicians much older), and they literally are the next generation of rock ‘n’ roll. Their debut, We Are V², proves that. They spoke to us in this exclusive interview about the album and so much more.

When did you guys first realize you wanted to play music together?

Vittorio: Our mom started teaching us the acoustic guitar when we were about seven, but we really didn’t like it. We complained to our dad about it on day when we were riding in the truck with him. He told us a story about two brothers, Angus and Malcolm Young who went to Catholic School like us and started playing when they were young. We asked what happened to them and he put in a CD called Back in Black.

Vincenzo: As soon as we heard it, we told our dad that that was the kind of music we wanted to play.

Vittorio: My dad smiled and drove us to a music store and bought us electric guitars, an amplifier, and a drum kit. The next week, a guitar and drum instructor showed up at the house and we started learning “Back in Black.”

Vincenzo: Our mom was pissed at my dad for a long time after that but when she saw us slay our Catholic school talent show a few months later with AC/DC covers of “Back in Black,” “TNT” and “Highway to Hell” she understood that we had found our passion for music.

What’s the best part of being brothers in a band?

Vincenzo: Setting up rehearsals and practicing is easy because we live together and like the same music.

Vittorio: Yeah, we have lots of time together to figure things out.

Watch the live video for “Long Live Rock and Roll” from V²:

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