Sophia wins V Squared’s Biggest Fan Contest and joined Vittorio and Vincenzo to see AC/DC at ATT Park


Vittorio and Vincenzo selected a V Squared Angel, Sophia, as the winner of the V Squared’s Biggest Fan Contest to join them to watch AC/DC’s epic rock show at ATT Park last night.

Sophia sent in an essay and photos of her attending the boys’ concerts over the last three years to convince Vittorio and Vincenzo to select her and her mom, Tonie, to join them.

Here is an excerpt from her essay and a few of her photos…

“I was absolutely blown away by your first concert performance. Still am actually. Your next concert was even better than the first and your third show even better!  I love all your music and I know a whole bunch of hard work and road time are involved in your efforts to “make it big.”  I’m hoping you pick me, but if not, I hope you have the best time ever!

“Love Sophia, Your V Squared Angel and Biggest Fan!”

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And here are a few photos of Vittorio, Sophia, and Vincenzo enjoying the AC/DC concert at ATT Park!

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