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Singled Out: V²’s Long Live Rock N Roll


V² (pronounced V Squared), featuring 11-year-old twin brothers, are making waves with an AC/DC influenced sound. Today the brothers, Vittorio and Vincenzo tells us about “Long Live Rock N Roll” from their debut album. Here is the story:

Vittorio: My mom is a classical musician and when she was pregnant with us, sang in a classical music choir and played classical music to us. My dad is a rocker.

Vincenzo: After we were born, our mom played classical music for us in the car. When we started talking, she would tell us who the composers were and tell us about them. By the time we went to kindergarten we could name them and their songs. Our mom wanted us to play classical music and started us on acoustic guitar and piano when we were 7, but we really didn’t like it much.

Vittorio: One day when we were driving with our dad in his truck, we were complaining about having to learn the piano and acoustic guitar. He told us a story about two brothers named Malcolm and Angus Young, who attended Catholic School just like we did and started playing in a band. We asked what happened to them and he said they became Rock Gods and he put AC/DC’s Back in Black CD in the truck’s stereo. We listened to the whole CD. The sounds were awesome!

Vincenzo: When the CD was done we told our dad that we wanted to play music like that!

Vittorio: Our dad smiled and said, “I hoped you’d say that.” He then drove us down to the music store and bought us a drum kit and electric guitars.

Vincenzo: We started making noise with them and about a week later a guitar and drum instructor stopped by the house and we had our first lessons.

Vittorio: Three months later we slayed our Catholic Talent Show by playing AC/DC’s Back in Black, TNT and Highway to Hell.

The first original song we wrote is called “Long Live Rock N Roll” and it tells our story. It tells how we became rockers. The lyrics are:

Before we were born, while still in her womb
Mom played the classics, filling the room
Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Bach
Beethoven, Brahms, we never heard any rock

Long Live Rock N Roll

When we hit the ground, classics kept on playin’
Heavenly music, Mom was so fond of sayin’
Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Bach
Beethoven, Brahms, we never heard any rock

Long Live Rock and Roll

Then one day it struck, like a bolt from the blue
We heard the Rock Gods, we knew just what to do
So we cranked up the amps, laid down the beat
Struck the power chords and started moving our feet

Now we’re playing hard, now we’re playing fast.
Born to be rockers, gonna’ make it last.
Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Bach
Beethoven, Brahms, HEAR US ROCK!

Long! Live! Rock and Roll

Vincenzo: The part about “When we heard the Rock Gods, we knew just what to do” refers to when our dad played AC/DC’s Back in Black for us in his truck the day when we were complaining about mom making us learn the acoustic guitar and piano.

Vittorio: Mom was pissed off at Dad for a long time after that.

Vincenzo: Yeah, she was mad until she saw us perform at the LA Music Awards and get a standing ovation. When the LA Music Awards gave us our plaques for winning the 7 categories we thanked our mom for passing on her musical talents to us and Vittorio gave her, in front of everybody, his LA Music Awards Guitarist of the Year plaque. Mom cried a little bit.

Vittorio: This is the video of us performing “Long Live Rock N Roll” at the LA Music Awards (see it here). It has over one million views.

After you check out the video linked above, learn more about the band and the album right here!

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