MySpace has premiered V Squared’s new rock video!

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Twin 13-year-old virtuosos tell the tale of backstage shenanigans in new vid.

V Squared the Beginning

V² (pronounced “V-Squared”) is made up of twin 13-year-olds who play rock songs with old school guitar solos and power chords, but don’t say they can’t shred.

The virtuosos — guitarist/vocalist Vittorio, who is a minute older than drummer/vocalist Vincenzo — already have a full length out. V²: The Beginning dropped on August 5, and it packaged V²’s first two albums, We are V² and Pass the Rock N Roll Torch, with new songs. The album is precious, as are Vittorio and Vincenzo, who were nine years old when they performed their first concert in their hometown, Santa Rosa, CA (they played six original songs and six AC/DC covers!).

They count classic rock artists as inspirations (AC/DC, Van HalenGuns N RosesLed ZeppelinLynyrd SkynyrdBad CompanyKISS and ZZ Top were mentioned), but Vincenzo says they were exposed to classical music in the womb. “Our mother sang in a classical music choir while she was pregnant with us. After we were born she played classical music in our room and in the car. We could identify the pieces by name when they came on the radio.”

Today V² debut the “Hard and Fast” video on Myspace. Vincenzo says “’Hard and Fast’ is a true story: One of our V Squared Angel fan club members snuck into our rehearsal before a show. We let her stay backstage with us for the whole rehearsal and put her in the front row for our show. The video recreates how the fan found her way backstage during our rehearsal. We already had her in the front row of the original concert footage, so we were able to put the whole video together without too much effort,” Vittorio explains.

“The hardest thing was making sure we had the same clothes on for the new video material as we wore during the original concert!” Vincenzo added. “She had hers, and we still had the jerseys we wore for the show, but we had blown through our original jeans and tennis shoes months ago!”

Watch the below.

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