Rock N Rods 2019 Car Calendar + Rock N Rods Album


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Get 2019 Rock N Rods 2019 Calendar with the 13 of the greatest car songs ever produced to go with the pictures in the calendar.

V Squared’s latest album, Rock N Rods is 13 of the greatest cars songs ever written. Seven of Vittorio and Vincenzo’s favorite car song covers and six of their original cars songs, all written about the iconic cars in their personal car collection. You will love this album!

Track List

01- ’59 Caddy
02- Little Deuce Coupe
03- ’40 Ford
04- G.T.O.
05- Nova
06- Hey Little Cobra
07- She’s My 57 Chevy
08- Hot Rod Lincoln
09- I Gotta’ Woodie
10- Pink Cadillac
11- Rocket 88
12- Surfer Bus
13- I Can’t Drive 55